Aqua water ball nail art tutorial

The weather is dingy blue. Are you all right? Today is a hot nail from INSTA !!! I have prepared aqua waterball nail art.

I wanted to make a good video, so I shot it several times and repeated it. Still, it is still a lot lacking. There are a lot of people who do not like it.


Pour water at room temperature into a disposable cup, close to the rim. Open all the polish and put them next. At least, we have to use three different colors to create a bit of contrast. For example, use a light color, a dark color and a neutral color.



A few drops of water to the surface paint, you paint so small it forms a circle on the surface of the water. If water droplets sink to the bottom coating without forming a circle on the surface, try different paint jars. This is the background color create marble effect, which means it will be the dominant color.



Small one or two drops of the 2nd painted vases that you pick up on the foundation layer. It will be a smaller circle in the circle of the background color before.

Continue with the 3rd color if you want to create beautiful effects. You can use multiple colors or only 2 or 3 colors, each color at least once repeated in the same manner.



Use a cuticle stick pull 1 way through the circle to polish marble effect. Starting from the middle and the outer edge veef drag. Reverse the downward spiral for many more.

Dip your nails and nail polish will stick to your nails.



Get it from the glass nail. Uninstall the tape and use nail polish cleaners and cotton balls to clean the nail polish was lem. Repeat steps 1 through 7 for each nail. Finally coated nails top coat dry completely and wait.

Video Aqua water ball nail art tutorial


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