Interview Make-up

In preparation for the bond support season in September, an office worker prepares a make-up to use throughout the book, interview, and passport photos!

For skin

Skin accounts for the largest area of ​​the face, and of course so that the factor here is to impress most people face. Nobody wants to appear with pale skin, pale or sometimes obnoxious dark spots on the whole, and thus it tends to hide in the traditional foundation layer thick.


However, with the emergence of more and more lightweight products such as foundation cream BB, CC cream, ... you completely easily find the product fit their own requirements. 



When an appointment is interviewed, these creams would be the best choice for a light makeup that polite, just the cream on your face is enough to score points with the employer. If you already own little healthy skin defects, you even just a layer of cream with sunscreen is more than enough for a job interview.

You can choose between the hidden lines on the eye lid in the Korean-style or permanently painted onto lash line, just not too dark, not too thick and too slanted upward curve that you already own a pair of eyes substandard. Similar to the eyebrows, you do not need to draw very sharp guys, just use a little gel dedicated to tidy brow brush is enough.




Smooth thin layer of natural foundation extremely suitable for the office environment.
Additionally, you can choose whether or not to use blusher. If you decide to add a little brighter for the face, you should use the orange powder boxes nude peach or pink, smiling in the mirror and using a brush or with your fingers lightly on the cheek felt. With blush, just once is enough! Do not be too greedy for this account if you do not want to be turned into a gaudy doll.

For lips

Lotus pink tones, nude pink, red roses would be a great option for you. If too preferred the darker tones, you can still use them, however, should not carmine lips will make you both look older.



For eyes

The nude and neutral colors is the first choice of the office ladies. The colors can be brown earth, beige, nude pink, or white, ... But looks boring, but can not deny the subtle and elegant colors that this gives her scrabble. In addition, the convenience is another reason that this color is preferred. 

The eyes are adorned with little chalk gently smoky gray eye on the sky.
When interviewing for a job, the most important principle is: "light makeup," as light as possible. A piece eyeliner, gently curved tail is enough for an interview. 



No need to coordinate so many colors for the eyes, just a tone is enough to look professional offices. In particular, you should note limitations nude tones sparkling glosses, especially when interviewing. 

Such employers are like a painted eyes gleaming as if you're too far prom is not the job interview. This also means that, using eyelash mascara too thick or are taboos in makeup for a job interview.




Elle giving advice that is so in the midst carmine lips and spread using a brush or fingers are restricted for use lip pencil lip contour makeup will become more severe and rigid.

Video  Interview Make-up