Microsoft and strategies for Azure

Not walled as before, Microsoft also showed the love for Linux and open source community when they shift to cloud computing.

One of the changes that Microsoft CEO aggressive Satya Nadella wants the whole world to see that Microsoft is focusing on cloud computing and open source. But while Microsoft is making its way to reposition themselves to the market segment of mobile devices and cloud computing services, the vast Microsoft also need to ensure their position against competing companies and new technology.

For a technology giant has long been developing himself everything in the house is the development of software, services outside the company can see the very significant move. And that is something that Microsoft is required at this time.

In mid-2014, Microsoft suddenly Kubernetes investment focus, is a tool to improve the convenience and efficiency for cloud computing services. This is important not only because it is open source tools, again developed by Google, is a direct competitor of Microsoft, but also because Kubernetes just running with open source Linux operating system, as well as operating system rival Windows.


This move demonstrates Microsoft saw something in the future of cloud computing and they realize they only achieve success only when combined with the company and the community development and cloud computing project general software projects, is not going in the opposite direction in order to compete.

With this vision, Microsoft wanted the developers are comfortable and convenient to use Azure cloud platform around. Microsoft does not bind users to run Windows on a cloud platform Azure, which users can run any platform, any language preference.

Indeed, Microsoft has looked away from more than two years ago, since that time, they offer 2 options on the Azure platform is Windows and Linux. Computer Engine like Google, Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud or Rackspace Cloud Servers, Azure for rental businesses to run multiple virtual servers and software sites, for businesses buffet OS platform.

However, Microsoft does not publish detailed rate that user platforms used in the Azure cloud. But our best to support the tools that Microsoft Kubernetes really want to support businesses are using Azure Linux can take advantage of all the features of the open source operating system, can be seen as "rivals" their so long.


Kubernetes are tools available in Docker container, as the container for the software to help administrators easily move a variety of software from one computer to another or from one cloud service to another cloud service. Thanks to Kubernetes, the software will run in a bucket Docker better on multiple computers. Many service providers use cloud computing technology Docker, whether this is online computing architecture is important. For example, IBM and Red Hat are backing Kubernetes. But apparently Microsoft is not IBM or Red Hat.

Nadella Microsoft under Docker simply look as the compartment for Linux as it were. In reality, on the Windows stage does not yet have the innovation comparable Docker for Linux. Still, Microsoft is attempting to alter Kubernetes than shuddering on Azure and best Contribute code to the open source venture to more extensive utilization of ITS Kubernetes. In doing as such, WE CAN see Microsoft có custom made pie is littler yet the future piece of the overall industry of Microsoft Windows, can be the fate of the cũng business, to more noteworthy scope of Windows. 

What's to come is cloud computing, is the world tremble chứa Enterprises can not just applications on the server and server farm all alone nhưng virtual machines from an assortment of khác administrations, from Azure to Amazon EC2 or Google Compute Engine. 

Not just that, parallel to the Docker and Kubernetes, Microsoft Developing am additionally treasured Certain 2 innovation apparatuses like Windows-based PC Thousands of cloud design running on. 

As it were, Microsoft is making in riêng innovation, while Continuing to coordinate with outside innovation to Strengthen the current cloud computing. It is a win figure for computing time another era.

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