The number behind AWS

Already, Amazon is tight-lipped about the business circumstance of AWS - Amazon Web Services. This is the first run through Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos uncovers the data.

From past to present, we just know AWS - business fragment of Amazon distributed computing has almost 9 years old - is exceptionally normal. In any case, the real points of interest encompassing this business is dependably a secret. However, a couple days, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reported the primary offers of AWS when discussing the money related data of the organization last quarter. 

In particular, AWS income of $ 1.57 billion, up 49% contrasted with 1 year back. Maybe more great figure than that: AWS quarter benefit and achieved 265 million, up from $ 245 million one year back. In the meantime, Bezos said that Amazon's distributed computing business is worth $ 5 billion, is as yet becoming extremely well.


So far, here's what we know about AWS: last November, Amazon said it has 1 million business customers and an annual growth rate of 40%. But the specific numbers in the Amazon, who are still very close. One analyst said that AWS has established figures but no one outside of the Amazon really know for sure.

Meanwhile, analysts at Deutsche Bank estimate AWS business is worth $ 6 billion / year, and 10 times the size of the nearest competitor is Microsoft's Azure.

AWS is a cloud service that Amazon developed for everyone, with the computing power, storage and network architecture greatly. AWS appear very early, from the community in 2006 and was regarded as a reasonable price, and only the basic services at the time, also make the database more upscale, expensive and many other services attached. The developers at large corporations as well as small and medium enterprises are favored AWS because it's very fast system deployment, direct payment by credit card. AWS spread extremely fast in the world of technology.

But so far, AWS must compete with big names such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and a host of other media companies, large and small. They all want to bring cloud services not only for developers, but also the CEO, CIO and many professionals in large enterprises, are the objects are interested in an architecture shared IT infrastructure.


In Q3 of Microsoft, the company revealed cloud business (not just Azure) annual growth rate of 106%, and currently has annual revenues of 6.3 billion dollars.

In this race, AWS must contend with organizations other distributed computing for organizations that are extending associations with real clients. 2 years back, AWS has won imperative contracts, outperforming IBM, to assemble distributed computing frameworks for the CIA, albeit higher rates IBM AWS. The fundamental contract has made notoriety for AWS as far as data security and substantial companies see arrangement capacity in expansive scale frameworks. 

The imperative thing is that before this, AWS does not concentrate much on administration costs. Be that as it may, a year ago, Google rivalry on costs in various essential administrations. Along these lines, this might be the first run through AWS feel weight to contend on cost on the table of their meeting. 

AWS is no longer his alone as some time recently. For some time they attempted to make a business opportunity for CEOs and CIOs claim, and also clients "conventional" as application designers and frameworks. However, now, clearly they need to take after the most trademark components of the market: it is the opposition.

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