With Cisco's new switches, cloud computing is much easier

Cisco presents switches with superior, planned particularly for cloud computing, brought together computing and virtualization stage...

Cloud computing is really a lot of business trends of interest and towards IT. According to experts, Cisco, cloud computing is a new model opens the door to great opportunities. Accordingly, the resource and IT services are separated from infrastructure and provided on request, in accordance with the scale in a multi-user environment.



Many advantages for organizations:

- Use the dynamic computing assets (Dynamic computing assets): The assets are apportioned to organizations precisely what organizations need a moment. Rather than calculating whether to extend or not, the amount to put resources into this endeavor server then simply ask and the cloud will naturally look for sit assets to give. 

- Reduced costs: The undertaking can cut costs buy, establishment and support assets. Rather than appointing a specialist to purchase a server, server establishment, server support, now don't have to do anything than to distinguish their correct needs and assets required. 

- Increased capacity to utilize computing assets: One of the cerebral pain inquiries of asset venture is to what extent it will be completely devalued, the speculation is productive or not, has been innovatively out of date or not... At the point when utilization of regular assets in the cloud, ventures no longer focus on it any longer. 

Cisco gives a stage created framework of cloud computing with the switches, elite building bound together computing design joined with the virtualization fills in as the establishment.


Cisco switching solutions

Nexus 7000 series switches are capable of expanding up to 15 Tb speed / sec. Built on the operating system storage attached network (SAN) and Cisco IOS software, flow switches to maximize the advantages of stability data centers, consolidating the cohesion of the individual networks, for upgrade system allows real time with the ability to manage and ready to serve outstanding.

Catalyst 4900M product line is designed to optimize the data center deployments requiring high flexibility, especially in the field of high-end digital sound, photographs, graphics, video ... Catalyst 4900M is a form of fixed-configuration switch for rack 2 (2RU), transmission of 250 million packets (packet) per second (mpps), speed of 320 Gb / s.



Computing platform Unified Computing

Construction Cisco unified computing system by the set of elements can be concentrated together and embedded management capabilities right into the connected device. Meanwhile, the Nexus line of switches more intelligent management role and connection equipment, a UCS system can manage up to 320 blade servers simultaneously.

The UCS C Series line and M Series use the Xeon 5600 chips with high processing speed, supporting virtualization capabilities. Besides being the overclocking Turbo Boost technology, Hyper-Threading helps the system to work at maximum efficiency.


Virtualization platform

Cloud computing supports a dynamic service model, greater flexibility, lower costs with virtualization technology. Ability to centralize equipment to help reduce investment costs, avoid early investment to expand, to ensure the system operates with high availability with security and safety information. Cisco and VMware are working together to build a virtual infrastructure with vSphere platform.

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