10 foods containing healthy fats you should have

Avocado, fish, olive oil, egg... are common foods that contain healthy fats, should add to your daily menu for a healthy body.



The fat in avocados is very beneficial for your heart. It can reduce the symptoms of arthritis. When combined with some other foods, this fruit helps you absorb nutrients better. Photo: California Avocado.




Some fishes, such as herring, sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna... contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart and supportive for your brain. According to the American Heart Association, each person should eat 2 fishes per week. Photo: Gizmodo.




Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds... contain fats helping lower cholesterol. Vegetable fat is better for health than animal fats. Photo: She Knows.


Olive oil


You should use olive oil for mixing salad and cooking. However, notice the dosage used. You should use less olive oil compared to the dose required in recipes. Photo: Medical News Today.




Nuts, from walnuts to peanuts, contain healthy fats but should not be abused. Specifically, walnuts are one of the nuts providing best fat with cardiovascular benefit. Photo: Express.




Eggs are rich in protein. One egg contains less than 5 grams of fat, and most of them are beneficial fats. Moreover, ư eggs are rich sources of omega-3. Photo: Food Network.




Beans contain omega-3 acids, very good for your physically and mentally health. Photo: Mnn.


Dark chocolate


Eating dark chocolate every day will help your heart work better. According to a study from Louisiana State University (USA), dark chocolate contains beneficial bacteria and beneficial intestinal anti-inflammatory compounds that help protect the heart. Eating dark chocolate also helps lose weight. Photo: Rodales Organic Life


Green vegetables


Vegetables like kale, Brussels sprout, spinach and some other vegetables contain plenty of omega-3. These vegetables provide only a small fraction of fatty acids compared to fish. So, you should eat about 2-3 small bowls of vegetables per day. Photo: Healthy Family Matters.




Flaxseeds contain fiber and help reduce inflammation. The fat in flaxseed may help rejuvenate your skin, giving you healthy and youthful appearance. Photo: Strong Lives.

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