The benefits of having breakfast with chocolate cake

Scientists at the Syracuse University, USA has pointed out that breakfast with chocolate cake is very good for the operation of your brain as well as your waistline.

Scientists at Syracuse University in New York has recently conducted a large-scale study on 968 people aged 23-98 in terms of their unchanged eating habits.

Test result shows that regular use of chocolate in the morning can significantly improve memory and develop imagination.


According to PhD Daniela Jakubowicz, author of "The Big Breakfast Diet", as you wake up, your brain needs energy right away. Breakfast is the most appropriate time of day for the body to convert food into energy.

At a time later, your body and your brain are still in alert mode, saving energy from food and store fat. So, dishes from chocolate will help you get the energy even when you only eat a little

However, he also shares that those who eat breakfast before 9am with carbohydrates, protein and a dessert containing 600 calories lost more weight than those who ate 300 calories after 9am.



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