5 bizarre but effective ways to lose weight

Smelling fruit, eating in front of a mirror, turning on the light... are strange but effective way to lose weight.

Smelling apple, banana and mint


Researches have proved that smelling these scents will help you reduce the feeling of hunger. That's because they send signals fooling your brain into thinking your body is consuming foods.


Eating in front of a mirror


One study has found out that eating in front of a mirror cut off 1/3 the amount of food consumed. The mirror will remind you control eating that weight loss goal already sets.


Lighting up aromatic candles after dinner


The aroma of candles can reduce your dessert appetite. 160 volunteers performing this method fell an average of 2 kg.


Using blue


Researchers have proven that blue makes food less attractive. If you eat in a blue room, you can reduce by 33% the amount of food consumed. To limit the diet, you can eat with a blue disk, wear blue outfits, or use blue tablecloths. Also, you should avoid red, yellow and orange as they stimulate the demand for food.


Turning on the light


Restaurants usually use low light to create a romantic atmosphere, and make you consume more food because they reduce inhibition during eating.

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