How to prevent diabetes

Diabetes progresses slowly but causes serious consequences such as stroke, blindness, amputation... It's dangerous, but it can be prevented.

Being called the "silent killer", diabetes progresses slowly but causes serious consequences such as stroke, blindness, amputation... It's dangerous, but it can be prevented.

According to experts, nearly 14% of people are suffering blood sugar intolerance or pre-diabetes, which means 20% of adults need to consider preventive diet and diabetes treatment. Excess fat is the biggest risk factor of type 2 diabetes.


There is plenty of evidence from studies show that diabetes usually develops from pre-diabetes. According to clinical trials, changing lifestyle, combining proper nutrition and regular physical activity are the most effective method to prevent this terrible diseases.


- If you are overweight (BMI> 23) or obese, you should lose weight > 7% and maintain a steady weight loss, as close to the ideal level (BMI = 22) as possible, reduce belly fat.

- Avoid sedentary lifestyle, exercise at least 30 minutes depending on physique, individual interests and at least 5 times a week.


- Reduce Kcal if overweight, may have to reduce the amount of carbohydrates - sugar, increase fiber. Reasonable and healthy diet not only lowers the risk of diabetes, but also helps reduce heart disease, cancer...

- Other methods such as reducing salt in the diet, avoiding excessive drinking, quitting beer, avoiding stress also contribute to cardiovascular risk reduction in patients at risk of diabetes.





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