New therapy for cancer treatment

Cancer treatment based on immune system of the patient has become the hope for millions of people worldwide.

Steve Cara (53 years old), was diagnosed with lung cancer last stage from 2 years ago. The doctor said the cancer had spread and he could not carry out surgical tumor removal. But drugs called "checkpoint inhibitors" has helped Cara deal with it.

The doctor treating Cara, Dr. Matthew D. Hellmann, proposed a new experimental treatment solution: immune. Instead of attacking the cancer directly as chemotherapy, immunotherapy trying gathers immune system of the patient to fight disease.


The immune system of human body is a network of cells, tissues and biochemicals released to protect the body against viruses, bacteria and other invaders. This therapy will try to help the immune system recognize cancer as a threat, and frontal assault on it instead of hiding.

The researchers are currently focusing on two types of immune therapies.

One is handling individual patient by removing some cells of the human immune, changing genetic to eliminate cancer and then transfer them back into the blood. Such therapy is effective on several hundred children, adults with leukemia or lymphoma, who had failed to treat with the traditional method.

The second approach is more widely used, related to the mass-produced drug without applying for each patient.


These drugs, called checkpoint inhibitors, was approved by Department of Food and Drug Management for the treatment of advanced melanoma, lymphoma, lung, kidney and bladder cancer. Many drugs in this group are being studied and prepared.

The checkpoint inhibitors have become an important option for people with lung cancer as Cara.

However, the new immunotherapy has only been tested with a few patients, the researchers are trying every day to find out the plan. They know what they've learned plays an important role in the treatment of cancer, but have yet present a common therapy thoroughly.

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