7 habits of a happy woman

Simple happiness is just such moments.

1. Make up with your past

Women are often vulnerable and tend to keep sad past, even things passed long ago. However, it is time you should know that the past is not at fault, it is simply a part of life that we have experienced, helped me become the man of the present.


2. Always have a Plan B

With anything that happens in your life, you should be the initiative and not rely on others. Actively controlled life also means you need to anticipate every situation that may occur, and have contingency plans. Thus, though the worst things to happen, it will also reduce the negative if you were psychologically prepared for it.



3. Appreciate setbacks

To 1 setback become a staging ground for the next two steps, first you need to appreciate that setback. Every failure in life may be a prerequisite for the success greater than your intended, so do not give up, frustration or dismay, on the contrary always considered every setback is a golden opportunity.


4. Chose the right friends

You may be a sociable person with social relationships or perhaps was closed only a few close friends, that is not what affects your level of happiness at all. Importantly, those who considered themselves to you deeply understand your strengths and your true value. On the side of those who always respects his true self, you will always feel safe and happy.



5. Do not try to change others

As long as you have not yet abandoned the desire to change the other person, as long as you have not felt real happiness. If you love someone, it means that you love that person with all the strengths and weaknesses that you know and accept. Then you can keep sincere relationship, a long and happy rather than disappointed about the people around.


6. Accept your ego

Not a self-deluding if you believe that he is perfect, only if you accept others in their way, then why do you not accept their own way. Whether you've been hurt, broken, or not flawless to where in a certain way, you're still going to be a perfect entity, at least in the arrangement of the universe and in your own beliefs .


7. Always be beautiful

Women are passionate about beauty, and will feel happiest when always feel beautiful. There are many determinants of women's beauty, from the inner to the outer appearance, but has a simple secret to look in the mirror every morning you will feel satisfied about their beauty that is hard skin care at night.

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