The gene that decides humans' 6th sense

In addition to the usual five senses, man also has the ability to perceive space, a sense from genetic basis.

6th Sense in humans called the proprioception, or the ability to understand the brain the body is positioned in space, Live Science reported.

When police ask a drunk fingertip on the tip, they are testing the senses. Thanks to it, we feel sitting chair shaped like. We can guess how much milk in paper box when just picked up and gently shake it. This senses by the "proprioceptor" inductance bodies lying on the cells in the muscles and tendons reception.

Previous studies in mice showed that gene PIEZO2 can play a role in sensory receptors. This is also the genes required for cells to make proteins' mechanical sensitivity "for the ability to sense the impact force, such as when someone pressed against the skin.


A particular genetic mutation make your body to lose the ability to perceive space.


To understand the effect of the gene on human PIEZO2, researchers at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) selected two young patients who have rare genetic mutation PIEZO2, joint problems and crooked Spine. The patients were asked to perform a number of tests related to movement and balance. The researchers found that patients who have difficulty walking if blindfolded.

In another experiment, the patients are asked approaching an object in front, and two cases were not blindfolded. Compared to those without the gene mutations, these patients difficult to find objects while blindfolded.

In addition, the mutation PIEZO2 also virtually impossible to predict the direction of motion of their arms and legs as they are physician-driven, hard to feel the vibration of the tuning fork on the skin. Some patients also feel uncomfortable when gently stroked the arm section, as opposed to the feeling of comfort is generally recognized.

The experiments showed that the gene mutation PIEZO2 been "blind exposure," Alexander Chesler, lead author of the study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine said Tuesday 21/9.

"Mutant version of PIEZO2 can not work, causing the nervous system of these patients can not detect exposure or the movement of the limbs," said Chesler.

According to the study, other parts of the nervous system is still operating normally. Patients may feel pain, tingling, hot and cold temperature, cognitive ability is equivalent non-mutation.

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