6 silly things that will end your husband's love

No man likes to be compared to anyone else, no matter under what circumstances.

1. When you do not give him enough time

When you work hard, he understands that you are tired, and sometimes need to have your own space. But certainly there are times that he really needs your attention. And if at those moments you do not wholeheartedly stay by his side, troubles will arise.



2. When you have se-x like you are doing him a favor

No man would want to do it as a job. He does not want each time you two "love", it's a favor that you give him. Therefore, make sure that when cuddling him, you do with all your heart.


3. When you do not support his ambition

All the men needs to be supported, and that is a common propensity of human. He needs to know that you are his rear, no matter what he chooses in life. If he does not get your support, then it's time to decide where your relationship will go.



4. When you stop paying attention to yourself

When you try to be perfect in his eyes, he loves you partly because you try to look good for him. He'll be proud to have you around. And if you stop caring about your appearance, the situation will reverse.


5. When you suspect him because of things he does not do

There will be times he makes you lose confidence. But, suspecting him in everything that he does is wrong, because he would not repeat it again and again. That suspicion sure will break your relationship.



6. When you take him for granted

Remember that you always have to respect your man, especially in front of his friends and family. That is similar to what you hope he will treat you. If you insult him in front of his loved ones, family, friends, the chance that you will break your marriage is really huge.




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