What a smart woman does when her husband cheats?

You have to ways to choose: ignore, or leave.

There are many women choosing violence to "deal" with the mistress when their husband cheat. Of course they're hurt and desperate, but it's not a wise idea. And unfortunately, the only one who gains benefits in such drama is the lover. Doing so, you only worsen your image in your husband, his friend and his family's eyes. He might even think "Eww, gross! Thank God I dumped her!" and then leave you for good to be with his mistress - now "the victim".

Let's think for a second. When you frantically desire something, the more people try to prevent, the more you want to get it, right? Men are typically just the same. You try hard to stop him, he tries harder to do it. But if you let him go, he might come back later.

Do not make any decision when you are angry. You need to calm down first. Memory is something that can not be completely eliminated, but you can always create new ones. So go get yourself a lot of fun, a lot of beautiful pictures or sounds to add to these sorrows.

You get hurt, you have the right to release your negative emotions. However, do not release it on anyone, including your husband and his mistress. If possible, take a few days off to travel, find some beautiful, joyful places. Or you can simply go shopping, find a bar, drinking and dancing or do whatever you want to do.


If you are a brave and smart woman, when your husband cheats, first you need to ask yourself: "What do I want in this man? Should I keep up with him?" You have to ways to choose: ignore, or leave.

In fact, there are tons of people who ignore successfully. Victoria Beckham, Hillary Clinton, Jackie Kennedy... these women are so famous for their husbands' adultery scandal. They were all over the media and insisted that "I trust my husband", but all nonverbal experts know that, they were lying. What did they get by lying? They got their husbands.

If you choose to ignore, think clearly about the whole situation and change yourself. When a man cheats, of course, this man is the one to blame. But that does not mean his wife is totally innocent. Maybe it's also your fault for not giving enough, or giving too much, for example. Only when women take responsibility for it, they can have the power to change it. If you blame your husband, blame his lover, then who can change this situation? You expect these people will change and bring happiness to you? Never in a million years.


Or, if you can't ignore, you can try to leave. If you feel like you can't bear it anymore, don't push yourself to hard. You can no longer be happy with the marriage anyway, but you can still be happy with your life. So if you can't keep your husband, keep yourself instead. Just be happy, be charming, be beautiful, and leave. Don't waste your emotions and time, it will only make you look pathetic, older and uglier.

Women, do not do anything to make yourself not beautiful. Always remember to be beautiful, with beautiful appearance, and beautiful soul.




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