Ronaldo's aircraft crashed in Barcelona

Ronaldo's private aircraft has malfunction error leading to accident at Barcelona, but luckily Ronaldo was not there.

Cristiano Ronaldo is about to renew his contract at Real Madrid with a promised "in heaven" salary, and this is probably the right time for Ronaldo will have few aircraft repair bill about to be sent to him.

The favorite aircraft of Ronaldo:




Some photos about the accident:





Witnesses said the plane's in Ronaldo had trouble landing gear while landing at the airport of El Prat in Barcelona and a problem that an airport's runway to halt operations. Fortunately, there was no human damage, the pilot suffered only minor injuries.

The Gulfstream G200 special Ronaldo was bought for £ 15 million last year, but not this time Ronaldo went well this aircraft. He sometimes for entrepreneurs and companies have hired special needs. The time of the crash, Ronaldo with family and friends who are not on the plane.

Ronaldo's special units used in special occasions that Ronaldo flew to attend important business meetings, returned to his home island of Madeira or the theater summer trip with friends. During awards season, Ronaldo and club activities and therefore frequently go Real Madrid's plane.


Ronaldo returned to the Portugal squad

Coach Fernando Santos has announced the list of summoned Portugal squad for the two matches against Andorra and the Faroe Islands in World Cup qualifying. Cristiano Ronaldo back after an absence in the previous session to convene due to a knee injury, and is expected CR7 scored to help Portugal after losing 0-2 before the Swiss.

Apart from Ronaldo, along with Andre Sanches Renato Gomes was called up after an injury in the recruitment phase summoned. Ronaldo's teammate at Real Madrid central defender Pepe and who is the hero of Euro 2016 striker Eder also present.

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