Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie already divided property before marriage

While homes, land and net assets of $ 400 million has been assigned definitely 2 years ago, the biggest problem for the Hollywood's golden couple is children.

According to TMZ, after divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not experiencing financial problems because they have a clear division of assets before getting married 2 years ago. The contract signed by both clearly defines property rights of each person with the huge fortune of $ 400 million.

According to the source, Brangelina couple had a total of 12 real estates, 7 from Brad Pitt, 2 from Angelina. Three common houses the couple bought together includes a $ 60 million estate in France, a villa in New Orleans an and apartment in New York.


It is unclear who pay more when buying these 3 real estates, but according to the prenuptial contract, everything is divided very clearly and simply.

Beyond concerns about the property, TMZ confirms clearly the biggest problem between the showbiz golden couple is parenting rights.

According to the petition submitted to the court by Angelina Jolie, she requested full custody of six children, while Brad Pitt is only allowed to visit periodically. She did not request ex-husband's financial aid.

However, sources from Brad Pitt shows that the actor will not easily give up because he loves his children. Currently he is in a disadvantage because of alleged abuse problems.


The Sun has published a series of photos he and wife quarreling in the park, while many other newspapers have also confirmed the FBI is gathering evidence to proceed federal investigation.

When Angelina Jolie files for divorce and resolutely ends of their connection, Hollywood Life reports that Brad Pitt has fallen into stalemate and collapse. He could not call or text his wife and children, since Jolie opened about divorce and secretly moved to Malibu Island.

This is the 2nd time Angelina Jolie decides to end her marriage because of children. Earlier, her passionate affair with Billy Bob Thornton also felt apart when she adopted Maddox from Cambodia.

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