Ex fiancé denies Lindsay Lohan payed for their love

Many sources close to the Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov countered Lindsay's words about the couple's troublesome relationship.

Not long ago, Lindsay Lohan had an interview with Russia's Channel 1 on poor affair with businessman Tarabasov Egor, who is 7 years younger.

During the conversation, the 30-year-old actress claimed she always paid the bills during dating time with Egor even though he was a millionaire, coming from wealthy family.


Recently, TMZ has quoted some sources close to Egor, denying disclosure of the actress. They also said the 23-year-old businessman had spent thousands of dollars for Lindsay when she was filming her latest project.

A source revealed Lindsay Lohan could access to her boyfriend's credit card and used it regularly to buy gifts for her family and herself. Even the engagement ring with emerald stone was chosen by the "Mean Girls" actress, and paid by Ego.


TMZ information also denied rumors that Egor was broke and said he had no reason to refuse to shop for Lindsay when they were dating. The Russian businessman had steady income from the investment, and he even owned several companies in Europe.

Earlier, Egor issued a statement about accusations of ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan after they broke up in noisy. Recently, Lindsay revealed that she feared of being thrown acid.

The new relationship of the 30-year-old star only lasted for more than 6 months but experienced many ups and downs and finally ended loudly as her previous romances.


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