Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris made up

After such a bad breakup, the famous Hollywood couple temporarily forgot their feud to be friends again.

Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris were once the admirable couple of the music industry. They had 15 months of dating before parting statement at the beginning of June.

At first, Calvin said he still loved and respected ex-girlfriend. But just two weeks later, the 32-year-old DJ was angry with a photo of Taylor Swift locking lips with her new love - actor Tom Hiddleston.

He said that his ex moved on too fast. The world's richest DJ also claimed that Taylor had a habit of bringing down others. Besides, messy about the singer revealed that she co-wrote his hit "This Is What You Came For" previously while Calvin denied it made their relationship even more tense.


TMZ recently reported that, shortly after ending the romance with Tom Hiddleston, Taylor and Calvin began exchanging messages, temporarily forgetting the hate.

The source also revealed that, though it was still unclear who was the first one to contact the other, the couple did not want to reheat their old flame and only hoped to stay just friends.

Also, they did not talk on the phone or in person but communicated by messages only. This was enough to get rid of the knots from the ugly breakup in June.


Recently, Calvin has released new song "My Way", which is said to be about forgetting old love affair with Taylor. But according to TMZ, this song was actually inspired by the period Calvin worked at a grocery store.

About Taylor, a few days ago there were rumors that the 26-year-old singer started writing about Calvin and "Loki" Tom. Everyone knows that the pop princess often puts her love life into music.


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