How will future technology change high heels?

Women are all captivated by the exquisite beauty of high heels, but not everyone has the confidence to walk on them.

The leading fashion brands around the world are investing in advanced technology to create glamorous pairs of shoes outside but still occupy the heart of wearers.



1. Innovation in heels' structure

Heels and soles are usually mounted by glue creates loose and uncertainty as well as decrease striding heel durability. This makes the shoes distorted or broken heels after a short period of use.

One of these brands is leading to superior design may mentioning that Cole Haan, a leading fashion brand in New York.


Grand.OS substrate technology, the heel is designed to hug the two shoes and become a part of the substrate, giving the structure stronger in the heel and helps spread the body weight on the entire shoe . In particular, the design of technological breakthroughs Grand.OS reduced gravity weighing on foot easy steps to help you and not hurt the foot.



2. The pad with different structures

With normal shoes, padding layer of paper is usually a thin layer of skin or cloth is fixed by glue. This part-time and quickly deflated peeling makes your legs, especially your thumb bone - bearing which mainly will be pain when moving frequently, may cause long gradually deformed legs and photos osteoarthritis system treatment.


Cole Haan is one of the few pioneers technology applications Achilles padding in the line of sports shoes for high heels. Integrated buffer layer technology with multilayer structure Achilles, is based on research scan woman feet in shape, help hug both legs and increase the comfort, elegance on the go; significantly while minimizing the fatigue and pain for having to move the legs often.



3. Flex-Welt etched in the contact surface of high heels

The shoe brand of the future generation is slowly carving detailed application in soles as a matter of course to help increase traction on the ground, minimizing the slip, loss of balance while moving. Especially with Cole Haan, Flex-Welt carved details are minimalist and carefully calculated to ensure the aesthetic but still delivers the absolute steadiness.



4. Sharp laser cut technique

Besides aiming to create exquisite appearance, the details of laser also creates an environment where air circulation and better humidity control inside the shoes. Legs will always be comfortable and airy though in any weather conditions.

Cole Haan has been constantly improving technology to help women always assured confidence shown bravery on high heels. Same experience breakthrough technology in high heels to feel the advantages of Vietnam, excels in intelligent design for the new generation of women.





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