London Fashion Week: Burberry - classic and modern

If New York Fashion Week has Tom Ford, London Fashion Week has Burberry.

If the New York Fashion Week has Tom Ford, the London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2017 with Burberry. The England's top high-end fashion houses has launched their 2nd part of 2016 Fall-Winter collection at London Fashion Week this time.

Creative Director Christopher Bailey does not let their fans down with a massive collection of more than 80 designs for both men and women in the old campus of famous art school Central Saint Martins, Charing Cross Str. in central city London.


An ad photo for Burberry's 2016 Fall-Winter Collection


Burberry also opens London Fashion Week with Makers House exhibition in collaboration with The New Craftsmen. Together, they creates an art studio for tailors, embroiderers, weavers and even chocolate makers.


Photo from Maker House


All the designs in this collection of Burberry are already available in "see now, buy now" stores - a hot trend at the Fashion Week.


The inspiration behind the collection of Burberry store


2017 Fall-Winter collection of Christopher Bailey of Burberry was inspired by the ancient houses of England. According to Bailey, we are moving too fast and in too many different directions. It makes him think of ​​traveling through time.

Based on the novel "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf, character Orlando lived through more than 3 centuries and transformed from male to female. The design of Burberry's  Fall-Winter collection is a blend of classic Elizabethan fashion with details of modern culture.


The opening design of Burberry


Military jackets are also a focal point of the collection


Silhouette of modern design like leather jacket with typical flared arms of classic fashion


Christopher Bailey also shares hat the introduction of a long show with 82 designs for both men and women is also in the idea of ​​time. Today, the so-called masculine and feminine in fashion are very close together. It seems like there is no boundary at all.


A strong design for women


And soft details for men



The boundary between fashion items for men and women has been gradually removing

Burberry's 2016 Fall-Winter collection presents not only decent, classic but also fashionable designs, very easy wear and totally suitable with the "see now, buy now" trend.



Burberry's 2016 Fall-Winter collection is also full of sophisticated designs.



The ending design of Burberry's collection at London Fashion Week

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