London Fashion Week: Mullberry - Unique uniform

Uniform is no stranger to daily life in the UK, and Johny Coca has turned these boring items into distinctive designs for their Spring-Summer collection 2017.

One of the reasons why Johnny Coca became Mulberry's Creative Director was beacuse he revered British fashion. So, 2017 Spring-Summer collection of Mulberry was brought to the The Printworks, a large printing house located in Bermondsey.

The Printworks has been way too familiar for those who live in London as the home of Daily Mail and Evening Standard. Currently, The Printworks is used primarily for big events or filming.


A design in the collection of Mulberry


Uniform is no stranger to daily life in the UK, and Johny Coca has turned these boring items into distinctive designs for their Spring-Summer collection 2017.

From  khaki designs inspired by infantry uniform to the blue, red, white  stripes -symbol of Cambridge or Oxford schools, all create a perfect collection that honor British fashion at London fashion Week.


An uniform in design of Mulberry


Familiar grid motif in the uniform of British high school students



Or typical red and blue stripes of Cambridge, Oxford school



Mulberry apples the contrast in hard stripes and soft handkerchief skirt


In addition, Coca Johny also shares that he loves the flowers and the culture of British gardens, which are also a huge part of the idea for Mulberry's collection this time.

Johny focuses on how to help these floral prints more uplifting in every movement of the body. These designs also make Mulberry's Spring-Summer 2017 Collection at London Fashion Week become softer, more feminine and easier to wear.


Prominent floral prints in a ruffle dress of Mulberry


Flowers also appear in a sophisticated glass dress


Monochrome dresses also give the collection a feminine appearance



An impressive red dress


Mentioning Mulberry, we can't not forget handbags. Johny Coca has been extremely successful with his strategic lately: changing and brining new nuances to the traditional designs of Mulberry.


A unique handbag design of Mulberry

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